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APP Developmet

We develop APPs perfect for FANS of your MUSIC and meke them feel closer to you, the ARTIST. Share your music, Sell Merch and Digital Goods, Start a virtual fan club and share exclusive content.


We provide end-to-end game development services for mobile phones iOS & Android. This mix with our knowlage of music makes the perfect combination to give your fans more.


See what your fans are more exited about, Understand them by analyzing how they interact with your app. The best of all is to have access anytime, from everiwhare by just a clip of a buttom.

Features That Matter

The Reasons Your FANS will Love It


Your fans can listen to your song as soon as they enter the app. Add the favorite songs to their profiles and share them with friends.

Listen | Share | Playlist

The fans can listen to all the music of their favorite artist at the same the same time they browse the app, work or browse the web. They can share the music with friends. Add it to their favorite playlist.


Your fans will be connected to all your videos around all the social platforms in just one place. They won't miss another of your videos.


Every time you post your videos your fans will be able to see them on the app automatically. Your app will be connected to Facebook / Youtube / Vimeo / Instagram, They won’t miss another of your videos and you will gain more views.


Your fans will have access to all the photos around all the social platforms in just one place. This will help you reach more fans.


Have control of the photos that you want your fanbase to have and share. If is not on your official app, is not an official photo. Also with the ability to share will make you more viral and will help you reach more fans.


Engage with your Fans. Allow your Fans to chat with each other and you in real-time within your app.

FanZone (Virtual Fan Club)

Engage with your fans on the chat, jump in occasionally and chat with them. This will make them spend more time on your app. Encourage your fans to share news and images on the chat.


We understand what can turn a good gaming idea into a good game. This and your music image will keep your fans engage.


AADA is dedicated to helping music artist create and expand their fan base thru mini mobile games for cellphones and tablets.


Send push notifications to your fans which will appear on their phones, great for drawing fans back into your app.


Send push notifications to your fans which will appear on their phones whether the app is active or not, great for drawing fans back into your app. Set a 128 character text message and choose which platforms it will be delivered to.

Custom Design


We give you a quick overview of your most valuable data. Graphs can be restrained by time, with a trending up or down percentage, as well as CSV export abilities.

  • App downloads by platform
  • Popular Sections
  • Email Subscribers
  • App Gallery Views
  • Total Audio Streams
  • Top Audio Streams
  • Video Plays
  • This is just some of the info we can gather from your fans.


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